TRIBAL TRADITIONS - FB release May 24, 2018

And here is our new update ✨ TRIBAL TRADITIONS✨Every nation has its own traditions and customs which originated in ancient times. 📺 Some of them changed over time, evolving according to a new conditions and requirements, while others remained practically unchanged. 📜✴️Residents of Rapid stream are very worried about the future harvest 📑Let help the tribal shaman to conduct an ancient ritual that would provide normal weather conditions for a long time.The incredible prizes are waiting for you

This is a fairly large update with 28 goals, one goal is timed. Players will be based mainly at Rapid Stream territory where we fix the broken bridge, remove the stone blockage, visit dwellings (wigwams) and fix broken items inside each dwelling, meet with the dwelling owners and conduct searches inside the cave called Path of Ancients. This is a complex update involving many of the newer recipes. CAUTION: AS WITH MOST, IF NOT ALL OF THE RELEASED UPDATES, PLAYERS MUST ALWAYS FOLLOW THE GOAL PATHS AND NOT JUMP AHEAD. Work on goal requirements and this will set you up for the next goal. Working ahead of a goal before it is released in your update will most likely result in your goal showing as incomplete when it does arrive. You will then either have to pay GF bucks to remove the goal or seek assistance from GFC












INDIAN TINCTURE OF COURAGE - crafted in Kettle for Infusions inside Gatherer's Dwelling


MAP-PAINTED HIDE - crafted in Shelf with Papers inside Shaman's Dwelling


RECORDS OF THE ANCIENTS - crafted in Shelf with Papers inside Shaman's Dwelling


SHAMAN'S STAFF - crafted in Shelf with the Weapons inside Chief's Dwelling



If you follow the goals in order, and use the help/find buttons inside those goals, they will take you to the proper dwellings. Each dwelling can also be visited by clicking on the 'sign posts' located outside of each wigwam. Each wigwam dwelling will have goals associated with them where you need to 'fix' a variety of items, then you need to talk with the dwelling owner. Once you talk to the dwelling owner by providing shown recipe, you will be given that owner (example chief, gatherer etc). You will eventually need each dwelling owner, and more than one as you go on if you want to complete your Alter of Weather. This means you will be crafting several of the newer recipes,as well as a handful of older recipes (be prepared to make a lot of the newer recipes that came with this update Path of Ancients. The top part showing all the dwelling owners - you need at least 2 to send out on a journey (remember you get those owners by going to each dwelling and talking to owner after fixing dwelling objects)'. You can talk to owners over and over as long as you have the materials to do so (simply click on owner to see recipe) Re: middle portion of Path of Ancients. You have a chance of finding items shown when you send 2 or 3 of the dwelling owners on a journey (click on 2 or 3 of them from the top portion). You also can obtain some of those items when you visit various dwellings and use magnifying glass uncovering hidden objects - slowly move your cursor around all areas inside dwelling until your cursor turns into a magnifying glass and a small area in dwelling highlights, then click. Re: bottom portion - If you have made or obtained the items show at the very bottom (map painted hide, record of ancients or reliable lamp, make sure you click on the box by 'use'! You can use the new magnifying glass in dwellings to find these 3 items, hover and pic/name will show. You can craft the map painted hide & record of ancients in Shaman's dwelling once you have the Shelf with Papers built) This will help increase your chances of getting the items shown in the middle portion.

Stage 1 5 sturdy axe 3 hewn beams 5 poles
Stage 2 5 durable rope 4 polished boards 4 pataska
Stage 1 3 kernite bucket 2 big northern shovel 2 wire rope
Stage 2 3 steel carabiner 3 northern pickaxe 3 wooden wheelbarrow
Stage 1 3 northern axe 4 Indian idol 3 round rods 3 mountain rock slab
Stage 2 4 Indian jewelry 3 scaffolding 4 step-ladder 5 aconite
Stage 3 4 powder rituals 5 restoration kits 5 high-quality magnifying glass 5 secret potion
Stage 4 info to follow info to follow info to follow info to follow
Stage 5 info to follow info to follow info to follow info to follow
Indian Aquarium 1 restoration kit 5 goldfish 3 sturdy glass 2 flexible planks
DREAMER 2 Corn Bread 2 Indian Knife xxx xxx
Hearth. Will produce 4 recipes once built: chicha morada, corn bread, ostrich forage, pataska 7 heat 11 beech wood 3 spark xxx
Decorative Reindeer 1 cleaning brush 1 small screwdriver 1 restoration kit xxx
Little Hog 1 lacquer 1 cleaning brush 1 small screwdriver xxx
Ducky 1 universal soak 1 cleaning brush 1 high-quality magnifying glass xxx
HUNTER 2 Indian tomahawk 2 Indian clothing 2 pataska xxx
Kettle for Infusions. Will produce 2 recipes when built: chicha morada & Indian tincture of courage 2 cleaning brush 3 wild fire 2 hewn beamst xxx
GATHERER 1 wattle crate 1 Indian knife Indian Tincture of Courage xxx
Decorative Skull 1 lacquer 1 cleaning brush 1 high-quality magnifying glass xxx
Musical Tambourine 3 poles 5 ostrich feather 2 Indian fabric xxx
Shelf with Papers. Will produce 2 recipes once built: Map-painted Hide & Records of the Ancients 3 poles 2 universal scissors 3 northern paper xxx
Kettle. Will produce 1 2 cleaning brush 2 restoration kit 2 Indian fabric xxx
SHAMAN 2 Indian tincture of courage 2 chief's token 1 Indian tambourine xxx
Bear 3 cleaning brush 3 restoration kit 3 roach xxx
Wooden Mask 2 lacquer 1 cleaning brush 1 restoration kit xxx
Chandelier 3 poles 3 small screwdriver 3 colored lamps xxx
Stairs 3 small screwdriver 3 restoration kit 3 flexible planks xxx
Cactus (upstairs) 3 poles 3 water skin 3 cleaning brush xxx
Indian TV (upstairs) 3 small screwdriver 3 high-quality magnifying glass 3 mountain rock slab xxx
Throne of the Chief (upstairs) 3 cleaning brush 3 restoration kit 3 mountain rock block xxx
Shelf with the Weapons (upstairs). Will have 2 recipes once built: Indian Knife & Shaman's Staff 3 small screwdriver 3 restoration kit 3 screws 3 hewn beams
CHIEF / YOUNG FOX 2 Indian clothing 2 Roach 5 Indian tincture of courage xxx
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