Thirst for Adventure FB release Mar 1, 2018

Adventurers 😃 cannot stay in one place for a long time, and therefore the readiness to search for new fascinating stories covers every inhabitant of the 😉 Golden Frontier! Meet 📢THIRST FOR ADVENTURE 📢 Without a comfortable and reliable 🚁 transport, nobody can cope with a long road — and it is up to you to design 🚀 and build a real airship! Help Carl, translate his ideas into reality and make a true ✈ Sky king. In this update you will find: ✅ New objects: Sky king. ✅ New unique decorations: Intrepid adventurers, Choosing adventure, Intrepid pilot, How Earth was made

Players will need manufacturing structures from Feralville & Colmenfield. Heavy use of Scientific Center will also come in to play as items required to build airship are rewarded for stage completions within Scientific Center. So far, players will also need the Trade Workshop & Capitol.

There are 21 goals in this update. Players will have 7 days to fully complete the Airship. Only the goal itself is timed, not the entire update. ==========> CLICK HERE TO VIEW GOAL INFO

Players will eventually need the SKY KING (airship) to travel to 'new' lands. Right now, as it stands, for those players who have completed the Sky King (Thirst for Adventure update released Mar 1, 2018), the Sky King will take you to Town territory without the cost of 'food'. I do not yet know if it will be mandatory to access new lands, or if it will just bypass the cost of food to enter new lands…either way, it's a doozy to build so for those who have yet to build it, you may want to begin slowly putzing away at it. Also, consideration of placement may need to be strategic….placing at Cloudy ensures easy access (unsure if you can store/move this airship & if so, if there are any negative consequences in doing so, like losing it or it being unable to be placed LOL). Let's not worry about current placement of the Air King, who knows how developers will incorporate its usage into the game. :)

SKY KING (AIRSHIP) - 6 build stages
STAGE 1 4 Redleaf Board 4 Holly Board 4 Big Saw 4 Sturdy Nail
STAGE 2 5 Fastening Clip 5 Step Ladder 4 Hewn Beam 1 Airship Structure (unlock at Scientific Center)
STAGE 3 5 Strut 6 Flexible Plank 1 Airship Technology (unlock at Scientific Center) 5 Toolbox
STAGE 4 7 Crowbar 1 Airship Mechanics (unlock at Scientific Center) 7 Durable Rope 7 Roller Blocks
STAGE 5 11 Tarpaulin 7 Framework Part 7 Reliable Winch 1 Airship Propeller (unlock at Scientific Center)
STAGE 6 8 Helium Tanks 8 Northern Rope 8 Traveler's Binoculars 1 Airship Engine (unlock at Scientific Center)

SCIENTIFIC CENTER - 5 PAGES WILL BE ADDED (pages 5-9). Each page will have a milestone bar players will need fill by crafting & providing shown items. Each item is assigned point values (set up is just like that in the Academy). More info to follow

SCIENTIFIC CENTER - 5 pages added
Unlock item Items needed/point value
PAGE 5 - 105 pts needed Airship Structure
10 measuring equipment (+5) and 10 northern paper (+10)
PAGE 6 - 115 pts needed Airship Technology
10 northern paper (+5) & helium tanks (+10)
PAGE 7 - 135 pts needed Airship Mechanics
10 mechanical parts (+5) & 10 gem cutting sets (+10)
PAGE 8 - 145 pts needed Airship Propeller
10 metal sheets (+5) & 10 scientific tools (+10)
PAGE 9 - 155 pts needed Airship Engine
10 scientific toolset (+5) & engine parts (+10)














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