WARMTH OF SPRING UPDATE - FB release March 8, 2018

Spring competitions ✨are announced open! The first warm days are already around the corner, ❄beautiful flowers make their way through the snow , 🐦birds sing everywhere. Welcome to the update of 📢HEAT SPRING 📢 On the expanses of the Golden Rim, it's never boring - and it's up to you to choose 🌸one of the teams and join the flower 🌷battles! Make bouquets, enjoy the fresh 🌱air and meet the spring together with your favorite heroes. In this update: ✅New Buildings: Flower Workshop. ✅New unique scenery: Spring still life, Caring for pets, After winter sleep.

THIS UPDATE IS A TOP 100 & TEAM COMPETITION EVENT which will last 14 days. TIP: Gather a bunch of friends or groups and all join the SAME team. It's a win-win if your team wins! Even if you do not plan on placing in Top 100, working on the update goals and completing stages will EARN you some pretty darn good rewards for stage completions, your points will contribute to your team…AND if your team comes in first place at the end of the event, you will receive a bonus reward decoration called Eternal Beauty. PLAYERS WILL WANT TO PLACE THEIR 'FLOWER WORKSHOP' at Cloudy Lands as neighbors are able to help contribute to your flower shop. WARNING - if you are helping neighbors, please KNOW THAT THE ITEMS WILL BE DEDUCTED FROM YOUR OWN PERSONAL INVENTORY.


Begin crafting & stocking up on materials where you can. Also there will be a new FREE GIFT item players will need PLENTY OF. Recommended to hold off sending out free gifts until AFTER this update arrives so that it allows your neighbors time to update their wishlist with the new item!

Stage 1 - 300 points
60 Red Rose Bouquets @ 5 pts OR 30 Yellow Rose Bouquets @ 10 pts OR 12 Planter with Tulips @ 25 pts
Stage 2 - need 350 pts to fill 650 --- 35 Planter with Tulips @ 10 pts OR 24 Adonis @ 15 pts OR 9 Basket with Roses @ 40 pts
Stage 3 - need 1100 pts to fill 1750 -- 74 Basket with Roses @ 15 pts OR 44 Hepatica @ 25 pts OR 22 Adonis Bouquet @ 50 pts
Stage 4 - need 1750 pts to fill 3500 -- 86 Adonis Basket @ 20 pts OR 70 Scilla @ 25 pts OR 29 Hepatica Bouquet @ 60 pts-
Stage 5 - need 2500 pts to fill 6000 -- 100 Hepatica Bouquet @ 25 pts OR 83 Scilla Bouquet @ 30 pts OR 33 Spring Flower Basket @ 75 pts





FLORIST'S HOUSE x 6 recipes


ADONIS, SCILLA & HEPATICA are randomly obtained by using THIN SICKLES (crafted in Smithy) on mounds of FIRST FLOWERS which are located at Cloudy Lands, Town territory, Twilight territory



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