Winter windbreaks ❄ can bring a lot of troubles! Fluffy snow not only adorns 💙 all the territories, but it can also cause harm by blocking roads and flogging ☁ buildings.
Meet 😔 exhausted travelers and hurry up to help them! Together return their native ☺ home and explore new mysteries that have remained unanswered for so long!
In this update you will find:
✅ New location: Feralville.
✅ New friends Jackie and Hein.
✅ Many new buildings already placed on the territory.
✅ New pet: Snow specter.
✅ New unique decorations: Statue of founders, Friendly roughhousing, Forest games, Meeting a friend.

This is going to be a big update with 41 goals. New land (Feralville - no cost to enter), 10 new buildings (diner, well, production center, material work, trade shop/exchange, greenhouse, guild of masters, several residential houses), new recipes, new animals (mountain ram & guinea fowl), new currency, new plants & new free gift item (spark). CAUTION! Do not go chopping/harvesting/buying until you are given a goal to do so. Completion of one goal will provide you with what you need for the next, as well as earn you some new currency! This will be a slow-paced update where all, if not most, players will all start at the same level creating a new land from scratch. Although there are 41 goals, they are mostly based on preparing your new land asking players to harvest certain types & amounts of resources, growing crops in greenhouses, earning new currency, building each of the 10 new buildings. Thinking on a more positive side, these are all the things we would normally have to do regardless when setting up a new land, so having goals associated with these functions just means more rewards for players.

✅ Players will need to 'lift the fog' to uncover land. In order for the 'help' function to work inside goals, players should clear all the fog, exposing all structures. All players need to do is tip-toe or cursor-creep around by placing cursor just a bit in front of your avatar and click. Creep, click, uncover, repeat

✅ THERE IS ONE TIMED GOAL (so far). If you don't want to activate the timer, DO NOT GO TO THE NEW LAND! The first goal (non-timed) will ask players to visit the new land, once you do this, a 7-day timed goal will activate.

✅ To complete a goal called HOUSE OF PLANTS, players will need to complete the 4th build stage of the greenhouse. To do this, simply click on your greenhouse, then click on the "Upgrade Building" button to show the build stage. Once the 4th build stage is completed, the goal will be completed

✅ For the goal called NO WAY WITHOUT FOOD, players are asked to clear (fully build) both the Eatery and the Well. COMPLETE THE WELL FIRST! Then work on the Eatery. The eatery build requires the water in ice recipe produced in the well

✅ All recipes are dependent on the new structures & resources introduced at the new land. As I progress, I will post recipes we can prepare in advance if there is anything we can do in advance. So far, all recipes are produced using all the new items introduced with the new land (nothing can be crafted in advance using existing recipes or items.

✅ WHAT CAN YOU CRAFT AHEAD?? Players will need lots of ENERGY to use on resources (trees/rocks/plants), as well cutting pliers & crowbars are need to be used on chests located throughout the new land. Cutting pliers & crowbars are crafted in Tool Workshop. There is one goal that asks players to open ONE chest. If you wish to open more, then craft plenty of each in advance.

✅ New currency, called greenbacks, will be extremely limited so do not go off using up your new currency! There is a new 'exchange' center where players exchange new recipes for currency. Currency is also awarded with some goal completions.

✅ Resources (trees/rocks) will require one of the new tools to 'unlock'. Once unlocked, that particular source of resource will then require energy to collect from. Once that resource is used up, it is done. Again, do not go using up all your tools, etc until you have a goal that asks you to. There are 41 goals in this update and if you run out of something because you wandered off not following goals, you will unfortunately be stuck with no help being able to be offered (nothing is giftable).

✅ Following the goals will help you progress in this update. Players will need to build structures according to the goals being shown. Built buildings will produce recipes which are needed for the next building(s) which will need to be built.

✅ My personal suggestion - as the resources(trees/plants/rocks, etc) require players to unlock them first using the new tools, I would suggest that at the very beginning of this update you PICK AN AREA to work in and try to remember the area so you can fully harvest each type of resource without having to unlock others. This will help you from wasting tools at the very beginning of this update LOL.

✅ Goals making reference to 'clearing' simply means to work on build stages. Structures will be covered in snow. As you begin building them, you are 'clearing' the snow off of them LOL

✅ URGENT ORDERS can be used to speed up production of recipes if you are extremely impatient. DYNAMITE can not be used at this new location

✅ Some recipes will require CITIZENS (aka huntsmen). You will need to get at least ONE of the House of Feralville Citizens built. Once built, they will require a random combo recipe to activate their work schedule. The first level they will work for 12 hrs I believe. BILLY AND WILLY TENT does work on this land so bring it on over as they will be quite useful for you!!



==> Click here to view GOAL INFORMATION


CHESTS (to open, requires cutting pliers or crowbars, crafted in Tool Workshop. There is ONE goal asking players to open a chest. There is ONE chest at the top left side, close by House of Feralville Citizens which you can open using energy! It is up to you if you wish to open them all up, if so, craft pliers/crowbars accordingly. There are not many chests on the land, and the contents vary from a few to no greenbacks/greenbucks, maybe a helpful newer tool, but mostly you get collection items. If you are low on either pliers or crowbars, I would just wait for the goal that asks you to open a chest, then save the rest of your pliers/crowbars until you can stock up. The chests are not really worth it right now, but maybe for some they will be!

BUILD STAGES (BUILDINGS IN ORDER AS THEY OCCUR IN GOAL REQUESTS). Work on these buildings in order as they are listed below as you need items from one to work on the next, and so on! WORK ON ONE BUILDING AT A TIME, DO NOT CRAFT TOO MANY ITEMS FOR THE NEXT BUILDING SINCE YOUR GREENBACKS & TOOLS ARE LIMITED! A strong suggestion is while you work one building at a time, craft only the items/crops and greenback exchanges in small amounts or amounts as needed. This will take a bit longer to do but will ensure you have enough resources left for the next building. If you plant 50 of each crop all the time or go crafting multiples of recipes ahead, you will use all your greenbacks & resources without realizing you crafted stuff you don't need, and then may not be able to go forward. Run short and you will end up stuck. Take it slow, craft only what is needed and balance growing only types/amounts of needed crops & doing greenbacks exchanges on a need-only basis.

➡ FERALVILLE TRADING HOUSE (4 BUILD STAGES) Click here to view build stages

➡ FERALVILLE GREENHOUSE (4 BUILD STAGES, suggestion to only complete first 3 stages as 4th stage requires items from Guild of Feralville Craftsmen. Stage 4 can be built later AFTER you build the Guild) Click here to view build stages

➡ FERALVILLE MANUFACTURING CENTER (4 BUILD STAGES) Click here to view build stages

➡ FERALVILLE WELL Click here to view build stages

➡ FERALVILLE EATERY Click here to view build stages

➡ FERALVILLE MATERIALS WORKSHOP Click here to view build stages

➡ HOUSE OF FERALVILLE CITIZENS #1 - upper top left corner (4 BUILD STAGES, suggestion to only complete first 3 stages as 4th stage requires items from Guild of Feralville Craftsmen. Stage 4 can be built later AFTER you build the Guild)

➡ GUILD OF FERALVILLE CRAFTSMEN Click here to view build stages

➡ HOUSE OF FERALVILLE CITIZENS #2 - upper top right corner(4 BUILD STAGES)

➡ HOUSE OF FERALVILLE CITIZENS #3 - lower bottom left corner (4 BUILD STAGES)


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