SANTA'S RESIDENCE (spinner) - Santa's Residence update released Jan 4/18

There will be a goal called On Top of the Slope that is associated with this goal.

Santa's Residence, once fully built, will become a spinner which appears to be AVAILABLE ONLY FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY. Confirmation received from GFC that this structure will become non-functioning however, will remain as there are plans for future use!! There is ONE timed goal asking players to get 1 of each type of snow globe (Lonely Snowman, Winter House & Strolling Reindeer). You get these globes by spinning the wheel in Santa's Residence. We are given 1 free spin every 24 hrs. You can get extra spins by obtaining Red Cubes (red dice found inside exchange area called Santa's Lost and Found).

Players will first need to locate Santa's Residence. In order to do this, the Stone Blockage (located upper right corner of screen) must first be cleared. The Residence is then along the path to the left

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