SANTA'S RESIDENCE - FB release Jan 4, 2018

Dear friends 😇 !
Surely each of you in your childhood 😌 dreamed of a cherished encounter with 🎀 Santa! We all wrote letters to him 📜, waited with a sinking heart for gifts 🎁, watched him in a heap of Christmas tree toys 🌟 and overeaten with tangerines!
And everyone knows that dreams in the New Year 🎄 are sure to come true!
You have a unique ⏳ opportunity to visit the real house of Santa — it turns out that it is located very 🎉 close to you, in areas that are well known! Hurry up 🚀, because a lot of interesting surprises are already ✉ waiting for you!
In this update you will find:
✅ New objects: Santa’s residence, Santa’s Lost and found.
✅ New unique decorations: Lonely snowman, Winter house, Strolling reindeer, Sand of time, Deft mischief-maker, Winter fishing.

This update will take place at Feralville territory. There are 8 goals and a 14-day timer attached - The SPINNER called SANTA'S RESIDENCE will only be available for the duration of the timer. There are also 2 goals that will require the use of that spinner, one of them has a timer on it called "Everything Depends on You" where players make attempts to obtain 1 of each of the new snow globes placed on the wheel. The other goal called "Curious Building" asks players to visit "several rooms" in Santa's Residence. This just means spin the wheel a few times.

There are new recipes. A new exchange area called Santa's Lost and Found, a new spinner called Santa's Residence which appears to be AVAILABLE ONLY FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY. This structure is already placed on your land. Confirmation received from GFC that this structure will become non-functioning however, will remain as there are plans for future use!! Players will need to locate Santa's Residence by FIRST clearing the STONE BLOCKAGE located upper right corner. Once that is done, by clearing fog, players can find Santa's Residence in the upper left area of the unlocked area. There are 5 build stages to this residence. Once fully built, the residence turns into a spinner.

Players will see Lost Presents laying around the land, these require Northern Brooms to open. These Lost Presents will contain an assortment of goodies, randomly including White Cube, Christmas Log, Christmas Costume or Christmas Hat, which are then used inside Santa's Lost and Found to conduct exchanges for Red Cubes . These Red Cubes are used inside Santa's Residence (spinner) and act as 'free spins'. You can have unlimited free spins according to the amount of red cubes you have.

There is ONE timed goal asking players to get 1 of each type of snowglobe (Lonely Snowman, Winter House & Strolling Reindeer). You get these globes by spinning the wheel in Santa's Residence. We are given 1 free spin every 24 hrs. You can get extra spins by obtaining Red Cubes (red dice found inside exchange area called Santa's Lost and Found).


I would like to thank PLAYERS (Alexa & Khera) for providing the following information so that the update information is available to share with others in a timely manner. Your sharing generosity is greatly appreciated not only by myself, but all those who use this site!


GOALS - click here to view goal information


STONE BLOCKAGE - Click here to view information


SANTA'S RESIDENCE (spinner) - Click here to view information






SANTA'S LOST & FOUND - Exchange area to be purchased using 150 Greenbacks



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