Masters of the come ✨New Year is a calm and fair animals - 🐶dogs! It's time to invite them to the open spaces of the Golden 🌾abroad and have a great time.

Welcome to the renewal 📢of true friends 📢

Residents Feralvilya gladly help you with the organization 🍕of entertainment; Arena 🎪for dogs will be truly exciting adventure both for themselves and for tired 🏜travelers. It's time to take a breath and relax the heart and soul!

In this update:
✅Latest properties Arena for dogs.
✅New and unique scenery: In anticipation of the holiday, Canine corporate, meeting place.

There are 12 goals in this update (no timers as of yet). Feralville will be primary land used, as well as recipes from structures associated with that land. Please know that I am behind in the VK version of the game (don't have buildings done in Feralville so I need to get those done first. Will post info as I progress. Sorry but what you see is what I have for you LOL

====> GOALS - Click here to view

====> RECIPES - Click here

====> DOG ARENA - Click here to view build stages & info


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