INSANE ESCAPE FB release Feb 8, 2018

Golden mines 🌟 are famous not only for their rich booty but also for robbery common to them! Meet 📢 INSANE ESCAPE 📢 The local ✨ sheriff again needs your help — the bandits must be sent to re-education, and you need to rebuild a new site for the guard of the law 😌 . It's time to shake yourself from the winter ❄ hibernation and get ready for a new portion of 😎 exciting adventures! In this update you will find: ✅ New objects: Sheriff station ✅ New unique decorations: Themis, Reckless gamblers, Barman

If you do not have Feralville territory up & running (Northern Mine opened, manufacturing structures built, etc), you will be unable to complete this update. Once again, there are timers attached to this update. There will be a goal with a 5-day timer attached, as well there will be a shop that will be available for 11 days.


The main focus of this update is to accumulate as many Sheriff Stars as you can and purchase the items shown in the Dangerous Bandits Shop. To see what each decoration provides, go into Dangerous Bandits Shop by clicking on the Sheriff Star icon located upper left area of your screen, then hover mouse on top of each picture to receive/read an information popup. Please see link below for Sheriff Station for more information about how to use Station, fill orders and get stars. Be prepared to do the territory-trot as this update will have you trotting from one territory to another, stock up on food!


=====> RECIPES - Click here to view information

=====> SHERIFF STATION - Click here to view information

=====> GOALS - Click here to view information

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