ICE MAZE - In Ice Shackles FB release Feb 1, 2018

ICE MAZE BUILD & INFO (includes instructions on how to proceed/play inside ICE MAZE)

There is a timer on the Ice Maze, this is a temporary structure which will be available for 20 days then will become inactive.



1. Players will need the Hot Beverage Store, Croissant Store & Pizza Store. Supplying these stores with the recipes shown will result in players being rewarded Northern, Eastern, Southern & Western map pieces. These map pieces are used to craft Maze Tokens on Printing Press. Use these Maze Tokens to spin the dice inside Ice Maze. Whatever # is shown on the dice, your avatar will move that many spaces, landing on squares, hopefully all those with chests! As you land on chests, they will automatically open, rewarding players with various types of goodies, including gift-giving decorations (White Bears, Ice Igloo & At a Campfire. If or when players get all 3 decorations, if placed at same location, they will merge into ONE decoration called More Fun Together).

2. Stock up on A LOT of Pizza with Mushrooms, Tea with Lemon & Croissant with Strawberry. Use dishes in Hot Beverage, Croissant & Pizza stores to earn map pieces. Stock up on A LOT of these map pieces then craft plenty of Maze Tokens on the Printing Press.

3. Head over to & click on Ice Maze to open. The rest is easy – click on yellow “Start the game” button and the rest is automatic.

4. Good luck! There are a few goals associated to the maze game where players will be asked to play in maze and attempt to uncover specific decorations (More Fun Together, White Bears, Ice Igloo & At a Campfire). Keep crafting to keep rolling! You will need to check your warehouse after playing in the maze and type in search box for decorations as you may miss seeing them go into warehouse while playing (search for , White Bears, Ice Igloo & At a Campfire and place them as soon as you can so you can begin collecting from them!! If or when players get all 3 decorations, if placed at same location, they will merge into ONE decoration called More Fun Together)

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