The following information is taken from my gaming experience in the VK version of the game. I am not experienced in or practice the Russian language, so basically muddle my way through goals. Accuracy of info is NOT GUARANTEED. As most of you may be aware, the author of https://castlevillegamequests.net/, Lori Ann Guerndt has decided to pursue real life & its adventures rather than spending all her time in gaming (both FB & VK version, and blogging which is a tremendous amount of work). For older goals, you can still refer to her site as it will remain open, just will not be updated beyond what is already there. The info I provide is not meant to replace her absence, nor will I be placing an expectation on myself to provide weekly info. I will do what I can, when I can for players on courtesy time.
DO NOT COPY TEXT & POST IN GROUPS! COPY THE ENTIRE NOTE ADDRESS. When accessing the following 'notes' & if you wish to share then, ensure you copy the note address. This will ensure you always have the most recent edited version. You copy text, you get copied text which will not be edited! Once a VK update has been entered, I may or may not update it to reflect FB version information.

+ **EFFECTIVE DECEMBER 2017, any information associated with https://castlevillegamequests.net/ will no longer be available due to expiry of domain. Owner will no longer financially support domain. If you are trying to locate some of the earlier goal information, please feel free to try and search in one of my older blogs, which also has been discontinued since this wiki start was used https://goldenfrontiergameinformationindex.blogspot.ca/ OR
http://goldenfrontiergameinformationindex.blogspot.ca/p/questgoal-paths.html (discontinued blog but may be helpful for some players):)
. If time permits, I will make attempts to transfer any update information from the blog into my wiki site**

LOOKING FOR EARLIER UPDATES, see if you can find info in http://goldenfrontiergameinformationindex.blogspot.ca/p/questgoal-paths.html OR http://gfinfo.wikidot.com/ discontinued blog but may be helpful for some players)


  • **14 DAY TIMED EVENT - VK release June 21, 2018. **
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