It seems that the cause of all the ❄ troubles in Feralville, finally revealed! A kind of mysterious figure 👨‍🌾️ , contributing to new difficulties, will soon reveal his true face!


You have to gain 💪 courage and together with the new friends explore the path to the old 🔨 littered mine — there you will find many unexpected surprises and the valuable 💰 loot! Get ready for a new adventure and do not forget to dress 🎩 warmly.

In this update you will find:

✅ New objects: Northern mine, Science museum.

✅ New unique decorations: Forest walk, Snow fortress, Forest friends.

Again, Feralville territory will be the primary land used. There will be 2 new structures to build, 1 blockage to clear & several new recipes introduced. In order to access the Northern Mine (already placed on land), players will need to first clear the Tree Blockage. Once the tree blockage is cleared, players will need to tip-toe with mouse cursor to clear fog along the path to find the Northern Mine, which will be located to the left of the new opened area. Patience will be a virtue as you attempt to clear the fog (just keep clicking open areas to see if avatar moves).

There is a timed component in this update. Players will have 11 days to fully complete the Science Museum (timer shows 10, but countdown is including unseen 24 hr countdown for first day). Once this structure is built, it will become a decorations in which players will be able to select 2 items they wish to receive every 12 hrs (one of those 2 items selected will randomly be produced every 12 hrs). If you are unable to fully build the Science Museum before the timer expires, DO NOT PANIC! All you lose out on is the rewards for that specific goal completion. The update itself is not timed, just the one goal. Players will still be able to continue building the Science Museum well after the timer expires :)

PLAYERS SHOULD BUILD THE NORTHERN MINE FIRST, THEN THE SCIENCE MUSEUM. Recipes from the Northern Mine are needed to complete stage 3 of the Science Museum

====> RECIPES - Click here to view

====> GOALS - Click here to view

====> TREE BLOCKAGE - Click here to view info

====> NORTHERN MINE - Click here to view build stages & info

====> SCIENCE MUSEUM - Click here to view build stages & info

====> OLD WILLIAM - Click here to view information


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