Alphabetical Listing Z

⏰ icon indicates a timed event item which may or may not be available after update expiry
🎁 icon indicates item is giftable

💔 Broken Heart icon indicates item is non-giftable
? icon means item is not in my warehouse so unable to tell if it's giftable or not. If you see ? and KNOW whether it is or is not giftable, please contact me & let me know*

• ZINC ORE is obtained from the Old Mine located at San Monsano territory
- Zinc ore is also available in Exchange House on San Monsano. Exchange 1 platinum for 2 zinc ore

• 💔 ZIPPY introduced with the October 12, 2017 update called Search for Zippy. Zippy will be located at Lost Canyon. Once Zippy is rescued, Zippy will be placed into your warehouse & you will then need to move Zippy to the Animal Mansion. Go into warehouse & located Zippy, click on the ‘Enter’ button, then click on the ‘Yes’ button. Please note that in order to reach Zippy at Lost Canyon, you must first complete all quest goals in the order they are released. Doing quests in order will require you to visit specific lands, perform tasks. Once those tasks are completed, you will be directed to another land with more tasks until eventually you are asked to head to Lost Canyon where Zippy is

• ZUCCHINI plant & product. Purchase in Shop, under Plants. Produces Zucchini when harvested

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