Alphabetical Listing U

⏰ icon indicates a timed event item which may or may not be available after update expiry
🎁 icon indicates item is giftable

💔 Broken Heart icon indicates item is non-giftable
? icon means item is not in my warehouse so unable to tell if it's giftable or not. If you see ? and KNOW whether it is or is not giftable, please contact me & let me know*

• UMBRELLA made in Smithy

• UNCLE TOM is located at the River Territory. Players can exchange or barter for items at Uncle Tom's house!

• UNFORGETTABLE BEAUTY introduced with Festival update. Feed this character at San Monsano territory 2 bronze & receive 1 bronze paint

• 💔 UNIVERSAL SCISSORS crafted in the Smithy. Introduced September 14, 2017 with the release of the Towards Progress update
- Also randomly/periodically produced every 12 hrs from the Monument to Science decoration purchased in Shop, under Decorations tab for 79 GF bucks

• URGENT ORDER produced in Stock Exchange structure for 5 shares each. Click on Stock Exchange structure to open up Exchange of Shares shop where you can purchase several types of items including urgent orders. Urgent orders speed up production time of materials being processed by 30 minutes. To use this feature on a production building that is in use making something, you must first go to your warehouse and locate the Urgent Order, then click on the 'use' button, then exit warehouse and click on the building which you wish to speed up production on!

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