Alphabetical Listing Q

⏰ icon indicates a timed event item which may or may not be available after update expiry
🎁 icon indicates item is giftable

💔 Broken Heart icon indicates item is non-giftable
? icon means item is not in my warehouse so unable to tell if it's giftable or not. If you see ? and KNOW whether it is or is not giftable, please contact me & let me know*

• QUAIL EGGS obtained by feeding dry feed to quails while at San Monsano

• QUAIL specific to San Monsano territory, available in Shop, under Animals. Feed quails dry feed & when harvested, produces quail eggs

• QUARRY is in Shop, under Productions

• QUARTZ produced x2 in Big Mine. Quartz can also be mined at Cave Terrority using Pick Hammers on Hard Quartz & Quartz deposits
- Also produced every 8 hrs from Chest with Jewellery decoration purchased in Shop, under Decorations tab using GF bucks

• QUARTZ DEPOSITS are deposits located at Cave territory. When pick hammer is used on these deposits, they produce Quartz.

• QUESADILLA produced in the Spicy Kitchen located at San Monsano Territory
- Also randomly produced every 24 hrs from Muchachos decoration purchased in Shop, under Decorations tab

• QUILT BLANKET produced in Textile Workshop

• 🎁 QUILTED FABRIC produced in Textile Workshop

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