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A simple & user-friendly alphabetical index & info. centre for players.

On the left side of this page you will see 2 areas: Alphabetical Listing and Notice Board. No matter which page you visit, they will remain on the left hand side

Alphabetical Listing lists all items in order
Notice Board will contain any news or noted changes regarding game play

This site will keep you informed as best I can with any game news/announcements & possible game-play changes. Stay tuned to the Notice Board!. http://goldenfrontierindex.wikidot.com/notice-board-news-changes-announcements . This site will also assist you in finding information about items in the game. As the game progresses & players are introduced to new updates, new items, recipes, structures & territories are added, this can create confusion as to figuring out where items can be made, at which locale and on which manufacturing structure. This site will hopefully help you find information and guide you to the right spot in your game! http://goldenfrontierindex.wikidot.com/alphabetical-listing

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